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Key Influencers in Black History


Black History Month 


Awareness of the history of white British people is well-established, but black British history is under-reported and under-represented. Black History Month in the UK celebrates the history, arts and culture of black and brown British people and helps us all learn more about our shared history as Britons. During Black History Month, each year group will be invited to explore a different ‘big question’ which relates to an aspect of black history, art or culture. 


As a school, we believe it is important that we incorporate the teaching of black history throughout the school year and across the whole curriculum so, for example, you will see Year 3 investigate black history in Roman Britain or Year 6 explore the representation of the Windrush scandal when they study the influence of the media. 






Year 1 

Year 2 

Year 3 

Year 4 

Year 5 

Year 6  


Big question 

What would the world be like if we all looked the same?  


Which cultures have influenced the way we eat in Britain and why? 

How have black people shaped our modern world?  


How have the experiences of black people in Britain changed over time? 

How have black people challenged injustice in Britain and around the world? 


What contribution did black men and women make to Britain's war effort in WW2? 

What have black pioneers and innovators contributed to the fields of Science and Politics? 

Key influencers 

Dr Ranj   

Mo Farrah Nicola Adams Rhys Stevenson 


Nadiya Hussain 

Marcus Rashford 


Mary Seacole 

Ella Fitzgerald  

Aretha Franklin  

Frederick Douglass 

Louis Armstrong 

Jimi Hendrix  

Miles Davis  



John Blanke 

Mary Prince 

Olive Morris 

Rhaune Laslett O’Brien 

Claudia Jones 

Paul Stephenson 

Bristol Bus Boycott 

Martin Luther King 

US Civil Rights 

Wangaari Maathai 

Kenya environment, women’s rights 

Lillian Bader 

West Indian regiment 

The Gurkha Brigade 



Year 6 to research 

Key themes 

  • Similarity, Difference and Diversity 
  • Acceptance and Belonging 
  • Fairness and Equality 
  • Community and Environment 


  • Power, Rights and Justice 
  • Identity, Diversity and Community 
  • Empire and Migration  


  • Power, Rights and Justice 
  • Identity, Diversity and Community 
  • Environment, Resources and Sustainability  
  • Power, Rights and Justice 
  • Identity, Diversity and Community 
  • Empire, Civilisation and Migration 
  • Invasion, Settlement, Peace and Conflict 


  • Power, Rights and Justice 
  • Identity, Diversity and Community 
  • Knowledge, Innovation and Trade