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Curriculum overview

 At Otford, we strive to provide a curriculum which inspires enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge in all of our children. We aim to provide a rich, broad, and balanced curriculum, accessible to all, which inspires our children to be curious about and engaged in the world around them; grow into kind and respectful young people and have the courage and confidence to thrive as global citizens.


 Every term, each year group has a different thematic topic which brings together elements of learning from across all curriculum subjects and is designed to develop emotional literacy, courage, creativity and promote problem solving and collaboration. Each topic has been carefully chosen to build on our children's prior learning experience and to ensure that children progressively build their knowledge, skills and understanding of key concepts within each subject, whatever their starting point. In addition, we seek to bring our children's experience to life by linking their learning to broader themes of identity, community, environment, technological and social change or through enrichment opportunities such as Forest School. 


We continually review our curriculum provision to ensure it meets the needs of our children and to reflect national and international issues. As such, our curriculum is ever evolving. Our aim is for each and every child to succeed and ultimately feel enabled to thrive as lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.


Our curriculum intent is underpinned by our core values or kindness, courage and curiosity and it offers what we believe an Otford child needs to feel confident and be successful in the wider world.


Otford Primary School: Curriculum Intent 


At Otford Primary School we offer children opportunities to learn to: 





  • Value others 
  • Appreciate difference   
  • Display empathy    
  • Develop relationships        
  • Understand equity 
  • Be independent   
  • Take responsibility 
  • Collaborate in group-directed challenges     
  • Tackle real-life problem solving   
  • Manage and adapt to different situations   
  • Emotionally regulate   
  • Manage risk   
  • Think critically  
  • Focus outwards – class, school, wider community           
  • Engage in real-life problem solving with a global/community link             
  • Explore open opportunities to  problem solve 



We have developed our curriculum to incorporate this intent through daily lessons but also alongside specialist teachers in the areas of Forest School, Music, Sports and Art.  Children are encouraged to develop skills such as resilience and resourcefulness to enable them to become a lifelong learner!  We aim to ensure that the children are very firmly in charge of their own learning and can reflect on prior learning to make the next step with a level of independence. We aim to offer all children something which sparks creativity and a deep interest outside of the more traditional academic subject areas, whilst still ensuring all children are able to also exceed within these subject areas. 


Every term a class embarks upon a Learning Journey which has been planned with the Otford Curriculum Intent at the very heart. This is to ensure that the curriculum is moulded to enrich the learning experiences of our children at Otford.  Within these Learning Journeys meaningful and purposeful cross curricular links are made to further develop core subject skills.  Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, working in partnership with teachers and each other, to promote positive experiences which challenge and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.  Our aim is for all children to challenge and reason their learning and consider how this may impact on them today and in their futures!


Please do take a look at our 'Class Pages' and the school newsletters to see this learning in action! If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.