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E-safety advice

E-safety Advice Letter to Parents

Guidance about messaging apps.


It is important that we draw your attention to the age recommendations for WhatsApp and similar messaging apps:

We also feel it is important for you to read the following guidance in order to support your child with communications via mobiles:


Whilst we appreciate the many benefits of being online, we urge you to consider and discuss with your child if group chats are needed at this age. It is imperative to monitor/continue to monitor your child's messaging if you permit them to continue with group chats. Any online behaviour that impacts any child within school, even if it occurs outside of school, will be addressed as per our school policies. 


It would be really beneficial for all if you could discuss with your own child how quickly problems can arise and escalate, as well as how those who are not in the chats may feel excluded.  

We will continue to explore these issues at school as part of our On-Line Safety Curriculum but we are unable to monitor how the children are putting into practice what they have learnt so your on-going support is much appreciated.

Digital Sunset Challenge

We have introduced the Digital Sunset Challenge to the children. This is a challenge to put down all digital devices between 7pm and 7am. Many are keen to give it a go! They have also been set the challenge to get as many family members as possible involved.