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British Values Day Term 6

We held our British Values Day today, 5th June. 

The children went to different classes within their key stage to learn about each of the four different British Values: 

Democracy, Individual Liberty, Rule of Law, Mutual Respect and tolerance.

Pupil voice on British Values Day June 2018


“Respect means you have to be nice to everybody.”


“We got to vote for the best child to be Prime Minister. If I were Prime Minister I would give two days off school!”


“The rule of law was the best activity. We made our own games up with rules. It was super fun!”

“I had a really good day. I loved it!”


“I liked debating and arguing. I like that we all got a chance to speak.”

“Democracy means everyone gets a say.”

“Respect is when you listen to everyone.”


“I liked seeing different teachers.”

“Rule of Law was really fun because we found clues and solved the problem.”

“Individual Liberty was fun because you heard messages in the songs.”


“It was fun changing classes and doing something different.”

“I learnt about the royal family.”

“I like democracy a lot!”


“It was a good idea to go to different classes to find out about Britishness.”

“It was active learning. There was music, art, debate and problem solving.”

British Values posters

We learnt that democracy means 'rule by the people' and how important it is in Britain that everyone has a voice in all issues that affect them. The children debated the motion: Should children wear school uniform at Otford Primary School or not? The children gave their arguments and listened and responded to the opposition before a final vote.


In Alligators we looked into democracy and had a polling booth for our election. We considered what we'd do if PM!


In Reception we discussed our favourite food and sport. We then asked the children if they knew where their favourite food or sport originated from. British Values is embedded in the Early Years Curriculum as we learn all the time about different cultures, respect and the right to vote for new ideas in the classroom.