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With Covid disrupting our usual plans, this year's activities stay onsite.


Term 2

Y1: bug-hunting, making mucky bugs, bird-feeders, birdsong, Christmas games / decorations
Y6: autumn scavenger hunt, leaf identification, Christmas decorations


Terms 3 and 4

Lockdown: key worker children are in school and make the most of any opportunities to take learning outdoors, including: learning semaphore, team-building games, craft activities, orienteering, whittling, obstacle courses.


Terms 5 and 6

Y4: Egyptian-linked activities (making hieroglyphs, mummies, making scarab beetles, bug-hunting, making papyrus), team-building games, orienteering, tree ID trail
Y5: orienteering, team-building games, planting
Y6: orienteering, compasses, tree ID trail, pond-dipping, making papyrus, bug hotels, team-building games


September 2021

A slight easing of restrictions allows for some off-site excursions to the Chalk Pit, the Scout Hut and Palace Park Wood - see Photo Gallery from Whole Class Sessions.


December 2021

Increase in cases and Omicron variant restricts ability to go off-site again.

Jan - Feb 2022:


- restrictions ease and we head off-site again with Y2 and 4;


- 11 birdboxes (some with cameras) are installed around the school site; Forest Explorers make birdfeeders from recycled materials and take part in Big Schools Birdwatch.