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Forest School Parent and Pupil Voice

Term 2 23/24

Year 4

Just a quick note to say how much both of my children have enjoyed their forest school sessions.


Happy new year! Both H. and R. absolutely love the forest school sessions.They look forward to them and bring home what they have created with pride and great stories of what they did. It's a real highlight. I really respect what you do and how you manage all the children on these active sessions. They all seem to love them. Thank you for your hard work and asking for feedback. We are grateful to have the forest school !


Year 6


Hi Mr G, Thank you for sending those photos - what amazing things the children get up to in your sessions! Just wanted to say that on Forest School days, N. bounds into school - she absolutely loves it, whatever the activity. We’re very lucky to have such an asset! 

Thank you so much for your time & efforts with enriching the children's learning & making it so enjoyable for them all.
I am sorry I could not help, unfortunately I work a 12 hour day on Wednesdays.
F. has loved his forest school days & we really appreciate it.

Hi Mr Grobel
I've spoken to the kids to get their feedback on FS. They both really enjoy it. Here's a summary of what they've most enjoyed and (I feel) have benefitted from:
1. Physical exercise: Just getting moving instead of sitting at a desk! A change of scene, fresh air, opportunity to really stretch their legs. Also giving their eyes a break from looking at the whiteboard/ their books. 
2. Opportunity to use tools and activities with purpose: Mine especially have enjoyed map reading, using a compass, whittling sticks. As a family we do a lot of hill walking so they understand how these life skills are applied when out and about (you can't rely on your phone/Google maps when up a mountain!). I know L. especially struggles having no "tools" at playtimes and often is told off for digging and playing with sticks. FS allows him to participate in what I believe is very normal and important child behaviour.
3. Den building. C. said this was her favourite activity! She especially liked having water thrown over it to test its waterproofing. She loves teamwork and I think what FS offers is that freedom for children to work in groups without constant adult direction. Certainly as a volunteer, I've watched children really working collaboratively (and not just with their friends). They all have something to contribute and really listen to each other.
4. Maze tarp. I remember volunteering when the children did this activity and they all absolutely loved it. They all took turns beautifully and were all so eager to work as a team to get to the end. It really tested their memories!
5. Mental health and wellbeing: I know C. especially feels more relaxed outside of the confines of the classroom. She also has said that the class as a whole is often calmer and more settled after a FS session (and also PE). 
6. Getting to know their local surroundings:This may not be applicable to all children (as some may not live locally) but I know mine certainly love exploring their local neighbourhood. Children don't get to roam safely anymore so I actually think the offsite FS sessions really helps build up a mental picture of the roads, footpaths etc which is so important for independence and developing road safety.

Term 6 22/23

Year 1


R. loves forest school. He was exhausted last night and really enjoyed his day. He said he learnt a lot and about new bugs and water bugs and always loves it when you do forest school and they get out of the school. Thank you for all your hard work.


Hello Mr Grobel,
I just wanted to give you some feedback for the forest school sessions. My daughter, S. in year 1 Hippos, loves forest school. I don't always get much information from either of my children about school but they both talk about forest school when they have it. I personally value forest school learning very much and my only negative thing to say is they don't do enough if it. The pond dipping was a massive hit with S. and I hope to try and replicate some of the learning you have done during the 6 weeks holidays to help them both grow and nurture their love for nature. 
Have a wonderful 6 week break and thank you for your work with the children.


Hi, I just wanted to say how much J has enjoyed your forest school sessions this year. Thank you so much. And I hope you have a lovely summer! Thank you


Year 2


Hi Mr Grobel. Thank you for running Forest School. I would like to highlight the positive benefits it has and I wish it was held every term. Being one of the youngest in his year, F. has really struggled with the academic side of school and comparing himself with others has really knocked his confidence. Being in Forest school gives F. a chance to show his love of nature and to demonstrate his knowledge. This makes him feel happy (F.’s choice of word). I think a positive association with learning is more important to future achievement than anything else, and Forest school gives him that experience. Thanks





Term 4 2022/23


Year 3


I volunteered with 3M last week and I think it’s fantastic! To be honest it’s the kind of thing that fills me with dread (children whittling, creating sparks with a flint, cooking on an open fire etc.!!) but I loved how you explained how to do each thing safely and explained risks and safety. I was really surprised that they all took that on board so well and followed your instructions. I think it’s a great environment to try things like that safely - especially to try things they may not do at home. And learn some life skills in the process. 

I thought the children were generally exceptionally well behaved and clearly loved all of the activities you’d planned. 



Term 1 2022/23

Year 1


I think the classes are very beneficial for the children. They learn about nature, they learn skills and it supports their curiosity all of which they wouldn't necessarily get through any other classes. I attended the session at the scout hut, learning the difference between conkers and edible chestnuts, how to start a fire and thought this was a fabulous session. The kids loved it, they learned something useful, they learned how to use tools and that somethings you can eat and some you can't, valuable lessons. My daughter N says that the sessions are very beneficial as she learns how to survive in the wild.

Term 6 2021/22

Hi Mr Grobel,
Thanks for sending the photos earlier this morning. T (yr5) and C (yr3) thoroughly enjoy their forest school sessions! Not only does it get them out of the classroom to be surrounded by nature, but they’ve learnt some wonderful practical skills on the way such as foraging, cooking on a fire, orienteering and bug hunting.They talk very fondly of their trips and I know it helps them with team-building with their classmates too. Thank you for all you do in planning and delivering the Forest School programme… they’re very lucky!


Hi Mr Grobel
S always looks forward to Forest School and definitely enjoys sharing some of the details when she comes home. It’s hard for me to comment to the impact as I don’t see the sessions. 
What I do know is that the disruption to the usual school routines as a consequence of covid really knocked her confidence physically coming into school as well as with learning. She lost her spark and seemed to worry about “getting it wrong”rather than just having a go and not being fearful of the outcome. 
I feel that Forest School sessions can only have been positive in helping her overcome this loss of confidence and were a strong motivation for her to want to be in school. I’m sure she benefits from the positive risk taking, exploration, discovery and freedom that your sessions offer her.
She also mirrors some of the activities she’scompleted with you when playing at home (inc bug hunts, making and starting fires, whittling).
Thank you for offering her this wonderful opportunity.

Terms 3 - 5 2021/22: Year 4

E loves forest school and wishes forest school could be a daily activity! 
She enjoys being in the forest and all the activities, her favourites were making camps, pancakes and whittling sticks. 

Thank you so much! 

Term 4 2021/22

Hi Mr G, in response to your message. My son E Y2 absolutely loves Forest School. I asked him if there was anything in particular he enjoys about it and he said he really likes going off sight, being in the woods and also Pancake day. I think Forest School has been very good at building his confidence because it's something he feels very comfortable doing. Thank you for all your efforts.L


Thank you Mr Grobel for forest school. Both A and O have really enjoyed it and enjoyed talking to each other about it and talking about what they’d learned. A loved the fires and roasting marshmallows and O really enjoyed making things and collecting things. They love being outdoors and love their forest school sessions. Thank you.


Term 1/2 2021/22

Y1 Butterflies:

S has definitely enjoyed and got a lot out of forest school because a) he’s always enjoyed being outdoors and physical activity (whether that’s playing football or just running around) b)always had a fascination with wildlife. Forest school combines a bit of both and he’ll come home and excitedly tell us what he’s been up to.


Y1 Sea Turtles:

Happy new year Mr Grobel! G absolutely loved your forest school sessions -thank you! He says his favourite activities were feed a frog, playing with sticks, pond dipping (anything to do with sticks and water really!) and we still have his Christmas decoration on the table! We hung his bird feeder outside on ourtable and watched the birds enjoy it. Many thanksfor everything, you definitely made an impact here! Hopefully you’ll be back with the Sea Turtles soon!


Term 3 Feedback 2019/20 from Year 1 Parents


My eldest, D, has enjoyed the sessions so much over the past couple of years (think he was year 2 and 3 at the time) that he used to try and recreate them at the weekend for his little brother, B. 

D enjoyed learning more about nature, and also the escalating levels of trust you gave to the children, letting them find their own boundaries with climbing hills safely, learning how to use tools safely etc. Him teaching what he’d learnt to B was their favourite thing to do at the weekend. And now B is all grown up in year one he has been so excited to partake in your sessions himself. He loves nature, and learning, and has been so proud of the items he’s brought home. He couldn’t wait to hang the bird feeder and look out for it being used, and talk to us about his bean etc.It’s been a world of discovery and something he’s looked forward to each week. Thank you!


Hello my son G did forest school with you before the half term. He’s in year 1. He has absolutely loved forest school. I think it’s such an important part of learning and going from reception which is free play to year 1 being cooped up in a classroom forest school gives them a sense of freedom with learning again. It’s a shame this can not be a more regular thing but I’m sure that you have heard that before. Thanks for brightening up his Thursday afternoons!


Thank you so much for the great forest school sessions you have held with Hamsters these past few weeks. J has really enjoyed them. My feedback would be that the sessions have helped J get to know the other children in the class and is he forming relationships with children that he wouldn’t usually play with. 

The sessions have also helped with his stamina. Usually I cannot get him to walk anywhere but it seems he is more than happy to walk to the scout hut for forest school. 

Many thanks for your time and involvement with the children.


Our daughter R from Terrific Wombats enjoyed forest school immensely. During the class's, she enjoyed the adventure of venturing off of school grounds and (as a competitive young lady) the thrill of the games and challenges. At home, she has really taken to nurturing her seedlings and bulbs that she has brought home and has an enormous sense of achievement from watching them flourish. 

She is already looking forward to her next turn at Forest School.

Thank you so much for giving the children this opportunity!


We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your efforts with forest school this term, N has enjoyed the sessions so much, it's been the highlight of each week and he has been so excited to get ready on 'forest school days'! We are such huge advocates of the benefits of forest school and N's enjoyment and enthusiasm for the sessions has reinforced this. N has been so excited to tell us everything he has learnt from you and it has really encouraged an already very healthy love of the outdoors in him. It has also been very beneficial for friendships and I have noticed him having the confidence to broaden his friendship circle wider and enjoy forming relationships with children he didn't know as well before, which is really beneficial. Thank you so much for all your efforts.


Feedback Term 2 - 2019


Thank you for the wonderful forest school adventures this term, my daughter has thoroughly every single one of them! Year 3 parent


A. really enjoyed Forest School. Making the things with sticks, a den, the clay last week for Christmas decorations are only a few things. The children really benefit from being able to do this. Thank you for all your effort. Year 3 parent


I am a huge fan of forest school and the work you do with the children. As a mother of boys I see huge benefit to learning outside. Boys need freedom to run and space to explore. 
J is not the most creative or crafty child, but he comes home absolutely full of enthusiasm about his creations at forest school. He has made so many wonderful things from natural materials which always triggers interesting conversation about how much nature has to offer. He thoroughly enjoys forest school, a most welcome break from the classroom. He is most definitely in a better frame of mind for academia having spent an afternoon learning outside.
Year 3 parent


E always enjoys Forest School. He tells us he likes making different things and loves the outside environment and group/team work. Attending Forest school has made the school time more interesting to him and has been great in his confidence around other children and in creating different things at home using clay and paper etc which we have done together on many occasions. I hope this is helpful.Thank you for all your work. Year 3 parent


F really enjoyed forest school - he normally doesn’t tell me anything about his school day - but after forest school each week he would tell me all the exciting things he had been doing and it was lovely to see how proud he was of the items he had made. Year 4 parent


H reports that forest school was "epic" and "awesome". He is really missing forest school and hopes to do it again later in the year. H finds some aspects of school life tricky and often does not want to go to school. However, on Forest school days he was very motivated to get ready for school and chatty about his adventures with his friends when he got home. Year 4 parent


I asked A. what he liked about forest school. He said that he really enjoyed the den building and learning how to survive in the wild. He loved playing in the snow too. 

I love the fact that they are outside, playing free in the fresh air, exploring nature and making their own adventures with their friends. And they are learning important lifelong skills at the same time. Year 4 parent


P has attended forest school at her previous school and enjoyed it, but she has a renewed enthusiasm last term, she really enjoyed getting muddy, mud pies and camp making. I think it allows children to be children in a world where technology rules. Year 4 parent


Feedback - Term 1 2019/20


I just wanted to drop a note to say how much H enjoys the sessions. He is naturally quite outdoorsy and this really sparks his interest. I think it’s really important for children to be provided with opportunities like this - learning outside the classroom and developing a range of skills. It’s taken H a while to be really ready to sit and write etc and the formal, academic side of things can be tricky for him so Forest school is a great arena for him to thrive in school. Year 4 parent


E took great pleasure in taking me to the field in Otford this week and showed me where he picked hawthorn and blackberries. He also identified many other trees and berries which he had learnt at forest school. E most enjoyed bread making this term.  Year 4 parent


It was brilliant because I liked making lots of things out of nearby sticks and things and I also liked exploring the forest near the scout hut. It was very big and it was dark. Year 4 pupil


Parent Feedback Term 5 2018/19


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you do at forest school it has made such a huge difference to D it’s always his favourite day when he’s got forest school. He always comes home and tells us everything he has learnt with such excitement. Being able to go twice a week has just been such a positive factor in his learning at school and I firmly believe all schools should be able to offer this fantastic learning opportunity.Thanks again it really is greatly appreciated.


Hi, I just wanted to say how much L enjoyed her forest school experience. Every week she has come home enthused by what she has learnt and has treated us to nettles, dandelion tea and her expanding knowledge at home. Thank you for sharing your expertise with the children.


A. enjoyed trying new things like eating stinging nettle tea. The walk to the river for just doing child fun things which they can’t always do nowadays.This helped her confidence of coming out of her shell with talking and making friends as she finds this hard sometimes.


M always comes home after forest school feeling enthused and enlightened about nature and the world around her. M has told me about eating nettles and making nettle tea, which I was thrilled to hear as she refuses to eat anything green normally! M loves to use the materials that she finds at forest school to make things, all of which is teaching her to become more resourceful and inventive whilst becoming more knowledgeable about natural materials. In contrast to the natural world, the theme of plastics and man-made waste this term,has been an interesting topic and kept M engaged. She particularly liked creating a Turtle from plastic waste, whilst thinking about how one use plastics and plastic waste in general is having such a detrimental effect on the planet. This was a good project to combine with creating functional objects too and I truly believe that the forest school time is as valuable as classroom time for M and her learning.

To my mind it is one of THE best and most valuable parts of the curriculum, which contributes not only to their academic knowledge, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, to their personal development in ways which would be difficult to replicate in other settings…
As to academic knowledge, I have found both boys have gained not just straightforward factual knowledge (which they actually remember!) but also a much greater understanding of the interaction of different processes and areas of knowledge in the practical Forest School context, which is sometimes overlooked or cannot be communicated and understood quite so vividly in the classroom (e.g. the engineering and chemical knowledge required to successfully start a fire; the biological / botanical / chemical knowledge gained from heating up or cooking different things on it; the physical understanding of what is taking place when they do…
As a direct result [of Forest School] my children….are more interested in the world around them and are better able to connect what they learn at School to “things that are useful”.  For example, it reinforces their environmental activism, they don’t just know why but want to help look after the bees in our garden, they want to build habitats for hedgehogs, insects, and many other creatures.  They also derive pride and pleasure from the knowledge they gain, and confidence in their use of that knowledge…
As to personal development, the sense of independence and resilience (two invaluable traits) they have developed through Forest School has been particularly noticeable, and it is not something which is easy to replicate at home.  I will never forget the days my two boys came home having whittled sticks for the first time – it was done in a safe way, but they felt as if they had done something so grown up, slightly dangerous – that’s part of it - and felt as if they had taken a huge leap towards the adult world.  The same thing has happened with A. this year in relation to making camp fires (without matches!) and cooking stuff on them.  It is probably not something we, as parents, would have considered letting him do at home independently.  It has opened my eyes to what he is capable of taking on.  The sessions which involved an element of perceived risk, danger, adventure and freedom are particular highlights, which they enjoy the most and which I feel they get the most benefit from.  
As you may recall, I had the privilege of helping out at Forest School for the first time last week...  It struck me that the playing of team-building games and tasks such as those you set was something which was also invaluable and not easy to replicate either in the classroom or at home, no matter how hard you try (and you can’t all the time).  The simple hoops game was intensely physical and required various different types of intellectual reasoning, as well as social skills, creativity, collaboration and competitiveness.  Unlike weekend / holiday activities where the children now select their particular friends, who usually have similar interests and abilities and are often of the same gender, or even sporting activities at school where a similar type of selection based on perceived ability in a particular skill takes place, they had to do this in a mixed group of peers, and had to draw on each other’s strengths as well as compensate for each other’s weaknesses.  I was particularly impressed with the way in which you made them confront and cope with feeling frustrated or let down by their classmates when doing the task.  It was fascinating, obviously extremely beneficial on multiple levels and I simply struggle to think of other settings which bring all these important life skills together.  A real practical manifestation of the ethos and mottos of the school.  
…I also love the fact that Forest School happens in all weathers.  I might not like having to deal with the wet and muddy clothes that come home, but too often in the modern world we don’t do things because it is too cold, too hot, too wet, too icy – children need to learn to just get on with it, and enjoy nature in all its manifestations.  A bit of washing is a small price to pay.  The feedback I get from the children is never a sense of misery, but a sense of excitement (even over-excitement) that they have been out there, in the elements. 
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I know that Forest School features prominently in some of their most vivid and happiest memories of their time at Primary School.  It is a great way of helping them understand and reminding them that school and learning is fun…as A. looks forward to the next chapter in his life, I can say confidently that Forest School has been a formative influence for him.  It has fuelled a real interest in nature, our environment and survival skills which is becoming quite important to his ideas about his future.  I know it has played a big part in him coming to learn of himself that he likes building things, that he likes doing things with his friends, that he likes being brave and adventurous, that he likes just being outdoors.  What is more important than young people knowing who they truly are?  If they learn something about the world around them along the way, even better.    


Term 4 2019, Year 1 parents’ feedback


C loves going to forest school. He wishes he could do it every week. He loves to be outside whatever the weather. He gets bored sitting at a desk and can sometimes loose concentration as his mind wonders, which doesn't down well with his teacher. This never happens during forest school as he loves to be creating and doing practical things. He gets so involved in what he's doing and is so proud of himself at the end. It also has made his confidence grow as he does not like speaking in front of a lot of people even if they are his class mates. He becomes very self conscious.The games you play are helping him to overcome this and had this been a weekly event I reckon he'd be well and truly on the way to being very confident. This would then rub off in class and help him become more involved in the class room and a happier teacher. 

His little sister C in Hedgehogs are having their first session next week. She is so excited as C has told her all about it in great detail. When we drive past the site he points it out to her. Their older brother has also added his enthusiasm about it.​


Hi Mr Grobel... A. wanted me to let you know that she absolutely loved Forest School (as did we!) and her favourite things were learning about fire, making chocolate orange cakes and learning about plants and outdoor fun. It was so beneficial for her to spend time outside whatever the weather and we’re so glad this was offered. A. also said she learned its good to be alive! Thank you for all your hard work.


Forest school is amazing for the kids - getting the kids out and into an environment where they can discover how to create, play and learn using what they have. C applies what he learns at Forest school all the time and it has made him enjoy his outdoor surroundings immensely. It is so nice seeing how he can enjoy the outdoors without having to have any device or toy to enhance it.

It's so important.


Hi Mr Grobel, after what had been a challenging few terms with R’s behaviour due to a new arrival in the family, forest school provided some much needed relief for all concerned! It was so lovely to hear how calm R was in forest school and how much happier he was. I had lots of comments from mums who attended saying they saw him being both a team leader without being bossy and a good team player whilst behaving himself 95% of the time. R loves being outside and I honestly think he’d do all his lessons outside if he could! Thank you so much for a fab term!


Dear Mr Grobel, I would advocate the importance of Forest school, particularly as I saw S acting as a team leader and team player. He’s only 6 and I believe this was accentuated by being outdoors and the slight sense of freedom he had.


 I wanted to thank you for giving F and all the other lucky children in his class, the opportunity to experience forest school last term.

This is an amazing learning experience for the children rich with educational values which can only be learnt out and about amongst nature itself.

The fresh air, the lessons learnt, you could see them all just loving every moment.

F wishes that he could have forest school every week!

Thank you again.

We really look forward to next year’s forest school and I would be happy to help again if I am needed.


M loved forest school. She enjoyed the opportunity to participate in outside activities such as roasting marshmallows and peeling sticks. Linking activities to what the children were learning in the classroom added an extra opportunity and made these elements memorable and creative.

M looks forward to future forest schools.

Thanks for your hard work.


E says she really loves forest school because she likes being outside with her friends and doing stuff. Especially the meditation - listening to the birds - which has been useful when she's struggling to get to sleep. Also the campfire, toasting marshmallows and making/cooking the orange cakes. I have also noticed she's a lot more capable/brave when climbing trees and investigating things in the woods.

She really is looking forward to her sessions next year and was really disappointed that she wasn't scheduled to do it every week of every term.

Thank you so much. 😊


Hi Mr Grobel, G says it improved her attitude towards school and made her feel happier about attending. She felt more energetic learning outdoors. G enjoyed the opportunity to work with others. I hope this helps towards your evidence. Kind regards.


Term 2 2018/19 Forest School Parent Feedback


6TW Wild Cats

Hi Mr Grobel,
A has enjoyed every session, in all weathers and is always full of interesting facts of what has been happening, smells of bonfire and damp and muddy which to me as a Mum means hes had the BEST time.
Such a fantastic way to teach and for our children to learn all sorts of life skills
Most importantly them being outside in the fresh air and reminding them they can have fun outside and away from devices....
Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to A.
Kind regards


M (6TW) and M (4H) have both loved their Forest School experiences-it has given them the chance to learn different skills, be in the fresh air and just behave as children should be, free from the constraints of the classroom.
The lessons have always been a highlight of their weeks, that they always talked about, and they regularly put into practice the skills they have learned at Forest School in the woods at the end of our road.


Dear Mr Grobel - K really enjoyed the lessons and hands on elements. She was enthusiastic about the activities and I saw a real benefit. Kind regards.


J's little creature he made is sitting with our Halloween decorations


L has thoroughly enjoyed every forest school session - regardless of the weather! She is always keen to share her latest experiences and to tell us about new skills that she has learnt...Many thanks for leading Forest School.


E enjoyed every session too and was always keen to pack her bag the night before! Definitely a highlight of the week for her. Many thanks


S loves Forest School and always has an excellent time. Great for them to be outside and experiencing new things. 


S loves forest school, it's a highlight of her school week. She comes home full of excitement about what she has been doing. The opportunity to learn outside the classroom, in a less structured environment really suits her. I think she also learns important team work skills without really realising! She's also really enjoying working with children from other years and getting to know them.Whatever the weather (cold/wet/grey), she is always excited to go.


6BW - Conkermunity


Hi Mr Grobel, Just wanted to say thanks for running the forest school with the kids. J absolutely loves these sessions and gets so much from them. I appreciate you giving up your time - it really is very kind and gives him so much pleasure. Thank you.


...forest school... gives the children a different approach to learning - problem solving in the real world! For kids that struggle with a formal classroom environment, forest school provides an alternative way for them to learn essential skills. I can't stress enough what an excellent opportunity forest school is for all children. It would be shortsighted not to have this as part of their learning journey. Thanks again Mr Grobel for all that you do for the kids. Both my two love forest school.


Absolutely- kids love it and learn loads.


...Forest school... is an important part of the curriculum teaching many different skills that children don’t get in the classroom such as taking manageable risks, empathy for others and nature,physical skills other than sports. It improves mental well-being and provides a sensory experience that sitting in a classroom cannot offer...


Both my children have really enjoyed forest school. They particularly like working outside. Learning new skills like lighting fires and cooking. They love Den building too. If I ask what they have done at school they will always speak enthusiastically about what they have done at forest school.

Brilliant set up, children gain a lot from being outside exploring. Great asset to Otford Primary.


I just wanted to drop you a note to confirm how positive I feel about Forest School. R and O are lucky enough to attend Cubs and therefore do have exposure to “life outdoors” - camping, fires, nature etc. We as a family enjoy camping trips as well. However, I am mindful not all the children in their classes have that opportunity. Forest School gives all of the children the exposure to the great outdoors - which is so essential to their personal development. Both of my boys always enjoy every lesson they have at FS - and the muddier they get- the better in their opinion! We still have on our dining table a holly/log table centre piece that R made back in December! Whilst R and O are finishing their time at Otford, I am hopeful that this essential lesson continues at the school long after they have moved on. Kind regards


Pupil feedback


I like that we get access to lots of nature and can learn fun skills like fire lighting. Also, we are encouraged to work together but also be independent. ”

All of it is so much fun”

I like it because I get to learn new things and I like being able to make new friends at forest school. Also you get to learn new strategies, like how to build a den properly.”

The fun activities we do teaches us lessons also.”

It is enjoyable and you get to go outside more often. The activities are interesting”

The fact that we get to learn new skills which help us build up our teamwork and gives us new ideas to try outdoors!”

You get to play games in the forest.”

When we got to build a den and ours crashed we had to find a way round it work together”

Popcorn making, hazel nut creatures, making fires, making bread”

Last time, I had to drag a heavy branch across a tall tree and with M's help we achieved it.”

Making bow and arrow and dens and making fire also hide and seek”


Term 1 2018/19 Forest School Feedback


Forest Explorers



Dear Mr Grobel


L came home last night after her final session at Forest school very enthusiastic showing me her pictures from her times spent there. She has absolutely loved these afternoons learning about the book ‘Stone Age Boy’, making bows and arrows, hair dye, face painting and so many other things.


Thank you very much for spending your time doing these sessions, as the children seem to be really enjoy them!




I just wanted to email and say thank you for all that you do to make forest school so great. J was with you last term and he was very proud to have been asked to join in.


Both he and P always enjoy forest school and are always keen to attend. They both enjoy talking about it afterwards and sharing what they have made. The necklace J made me out of wood hangs on my jewellery stand and it makes him happy to see it 😄

P proudly shared the bread and popcorn she made with all the family!


Kind regards


4P Nutty Bears


Mr Platts (class teacher):

The children were well motivated and excited by the prospect of forest schools. It really helped them consider the importance of planning tasks before diving in!



I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how much M is enjoying Forest School. I was also like to thank you for the kindness you have shown when thinking of M's allergies. She was so excited when she came home with her bread today telling us that there was dairy free chocolate in it. This was so kind of you to sort this for her and help her to feel included. We are very thankful for this act of kindness.



Thanks for doing forest schooling, it is so important!



Good afternoon. I just wanted to say how much my son enjoys his Forest School lessons with you as I know you’d appreciate feedback. He particularly likes making food so was extra happy this week and is looking forward to making banana splits over the weekend with us! Thanks so much for your time and effort.


4H Wild Pigs


Mrs Harris (class teacher)

The children all enjoyed the sessions and certainly some like D seemed to grow in confidence as the weeks went on.



C has loved Forest School this year. He's gaining so much confidence and has been falling over himself to tell me what he's been doing.Thank you.



Thanks so much for all you do! Both J and P have really enjoyed forest school and are always eager to talk about it.


Feedback 2017/18


Pupil 5BW:

I think forest school is awesome! it gives me so many ideas for what I should do in the future. I wish we should have it every day.


Forest school certainly seems to be the highlight of the week. More forest school please. Practical learning is so important. Not only are they learning skills but learning to work together. I'm sure it must have a positive effect on the kids and their attitudes towards each other. Seems to be a real confidence boost and sense of achievement. It's a great selling point for the school. 


B loves Forest School. I second xx post that it is definitely one of the highlights of x's week. It fosters such a sense of camaraderie, team  work and accomplishment. It allows them to do and experience things that they wouldn't otherwise get the chance to participate in. Again, I can only echo x post, when I say, B wishes it would take place all the time.
To lose such a valuable and valued resource would be a real shame.


My son loves forest school, he comes home from school and can't wait to tell me all about it. I think it's great fun for the kids and very educational.


Both my sons love forest school and they always have things to tell me about what they have seen or learnt when they get back. It's so good for them to get outside and have a break from study to learn about nature and have hands-on experiences in the woods. Its been particularly good for one of my sons who isn't much of an outdoors person by choice. Thank you.



R has had the best time at forest school -always buzzing with everything he has learnt. He had shown us how to measure trees looking through your legs, how to pick and eat nettles and that hawthorn leaves are tasty!


G has had the best time ever. She is so happy about learning how to make a fire, building a den and making bread.


D has absolutely loved forest school, always excited to tell us what she has learnt. From making bread on the fire, building a shelter, foraging and much much more. Thank you very much to everyone involved :-)


L really enjoys forest school. She has loved using the mini saws and making bread on the fire and she has been very proud to show me how to eat Hawthorne leaves and nettles! It is such a pleasure to go on a nature walk with the kids because they are keen to help us discover new things and appreciate the natural world around us. I often mention the forest school when talking to others about the good things about Otford Primary. It's a great feature and an important resource for our kids. Thanks Mr Grobel.



"Our son absolutely loves forest School, highlight of his week! He has benefited from being outside, able to explore & work as a team. He wants to tell us everything he has learnt & enjoyed."



"Look at the smiles on the faces of the kids when they are learning at forest school! Says it all.  Our son loves going, he always comes home animated about the skills he has learnt and the fun he has had with his classmates. The children are very lucky to have this opportunity."


Pupil, year 3

"It's the best day of the week"



"Our daughter is mega excited and says it’s the best ever and comes home and goes straight out in the garden to carry on forest school.. I have holes with twigs and leaves. It’s a keeper thanks."



"Our daughter has really enjoyed her first experience at forest school and learning outside of the classroom. In a world of cleanliness and technology it is brilliant for the children to be in the great outdoors whatever the weather. From making clay bugs, using their hands and getting dirty to making dens, working as team using the resources available in the woodland. "



"Nowadays, when the temptation of virtual life is so present, it is important for our children to experience the gifts of nature, to learn skills which brings them closer to understanding, enjoying and appreciating their natural environment. Forest school shares this responsibility with us, parents, to help our kids grow into healthy, happy adults."