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Term 5: Platinum Jubilee

This term, the Year 3 team Explorers embarked on a project to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The plan was to make a sculpture of the number 70 using natural materials and weaving. Starting with a frame made of willow and ash sticks, the children weaved with both coloured wool and willow twigs and finished by attaching a variety of natural decorations to produce a finished product fit for a Queen! The children developed lots of personal qualities and skills along the way including patience, perseverance and problem-solving (knot-tying, attaching things, weaving) and teamwork, communication, creativity and resilience (decision-making, evaluation / negotiation and team games). They also enjoyed learning the National Anthem - God Save the Queen!

Session 1: Planning and making a start

S2: wool-weaving and games

S3: willow-weaving and team challenges

S4: Finishing off and decorating