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Science is all around us and here at Otford Primary School we believe that Science investigation is one of the most powerful ways to learn, developing our School’s core values of courage and curiosity!! Science develops perseverance as well as challenging what we know about the world. We aim to make science as practical and ‘hands-on’ as we can, where possible, linking it to our learning journey as well as real- life and giving meaning to our learning. Lessons aren’t just limited to the classroom, we make use of our outdoor area in order to maximise the children’s learning experiences. Our pupils are involved in scientific enquiry at a variety of different levels, both linked to the curriculum and in extra-curricular projects such as Forest School and Gardening club as well as Science-based assemblies, workshops and competitions. This allows the children to develop the key skills of investigation, problem-solving and team work, empowering children to question the world around them and become scientific thinkers.


For further details on our science curriculum, please see individual class pages on our website for each year group’s curriculum as well as class newsletters which will outline the science topics taking place each term. The ‘STEM’ hub (Science/Technology/Engineering and Maths) recently organised and led a successful STEM day. The whole school focus for this was the science skill of ‘measurement.’ The ‘STEM’ hub are hoping to lead another of these days soon. Each month there is a new ‘scientist of the month’ who is studied and celebrated in class. Periodically, we run Science competitions, some children in KS2 recently enjoyed designing lab coats and designs for the Otford fête program front cover! We were delighted to have two winners in Year 5, Marnie and Florence.


Our Science leaders, Miss Kilmister and Mrs Little, have appointed Science ambassadors in each year group. Their role, together with the Science leaders, will be to promote science across the school. On this page, we look forward to keeping you up to date with Science news.

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Science Selfie Book


Our Science leaders, Mrs Little and Miss Kilmister are launching class science selfie books this week. A different child will be chosen each week to take a selfie of themselves taking part in some kind of activity at home involving science-since Science is all around us the possibilities really are endless from boiling the kettle to make a cup of tea, eating an ice lolly, feeding their pet, riding their bike, watering the plants, baking a cake......we could go on and on! Be as creative as you can! The children then need to write about the science that is taking part in the selfie picture. Each child must complete just one page of their class science selfie book. They will have one week to complete before sending it back to their class teacher who will then choose to pass it on to a new member of the class! In a matter of a few weeks the selfie books will be oozing with wonderful science opportunities and information that can be shared with the class! Class teachers can't wait to read about the science going on at home! Remember your child will only complete this when they bring the science selfie book home so please wait until your turn. Please see the attached poster for more information!


Mrs Little and Miss Kilmister (Science Leaders).