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Book Fair - 2023

Friday 3 and Monday 6 March


We are delighted to announce that the Book Fair will be at Otford Primary School on Friday 3 March and Monday 6 March. This year the children will be visiting the fair with their classes during school time. Once they have browsed the books with their teachers they will write down what they liked on their wish list. You are then able to look up these titles at home and decide if you would like to purchase them for your child or not. Books available can be viewed on-line at


How to Purchase/Order Books


Payment is made online and the books will be delivered to school and given out from here.  Please find attached "Wish List" - a paper copy will also be sent home with your child.  

Should you wish to purchase books, payment can be made either on-line at selecting Otford Primary School from the dropdown menu and then returning your Wish List to the School Office OR by purchasing gift vouchers and attaching them to your Wish List order form -


Return Wish List to School Office


Once payment has been made, please ensure that you return your Wish List to the School Office.  If you would like to use your World Book Day token as £1 part payment please attach this to your Wish List. If you are using Gift Vouchers, please attach these to your Wish List. 

Please return Wish Lists to the School Office before 3:30pm on Tuesday 7 March 2023, there will be a drop box available in the reception area.  Unfortunately, orders for books cannot be accepted after this time.  


Please note that no change can be given from gift vouchers and they are only valid during the 2023 book fair. We are unable to accept any cash payments.


Regardless of whether you pay on-line or with gift vouchers, you will still need to return your completed Wish List to the school office before 3:30pm on Tuesday 7 March.

Book Fair Wish List