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Parental Feedback Survey 2020



35% of our parents responded to the survey and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  We had some wonderful comments about staff at the school and how pleased parents are that they made Otford their choice of school. 


See some of the comments here:


Great school !


My child is happy and confident and loves going to school each day. He really enjoys his learning and has lovely classmates and a superb teacher. We are very pleased with our choice of school.


The support staff are also amazing.


The caring ethos of the staff and the strong energetic leadership of the head are impressive, and many steps have been taken in recent years to make the school environment more attractive and fun.


Parents are welcome in school and in any time of need they have brilliant support measures in place with caring and approachable staff!


Overall we have been pleased with the school environment and quality of teaching. We would recommend Otford primary school to other parents.


It’s great that the school is taking mental health so seriously and seems to be taught in a sensitive and empowering way.


We have full confidence in the school, it is caring, supporting & the teaching is a high standard.


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Moving forward


There were many positives to take from the response.  Overall it was a very pleasing response.  11% of our parents had suggestions for how the school might move forward.  Communication and behaviour are topics that are always commented on in a survey and we are always working to address these.  



We regularly review the communication within the school and are working to streamline this.  We appreciate that there is a huge volume of information provided to parents and we try to balance this.  Whilst some parents feel that there is too much communication, others feel that there is too little.  We have introduced new communications such as the sway and Parent Lite and will continue to do so this year.



We carefully monitor the behaviour in school and have steps to address poor behaviour swiftly.  We also examine the reasons behind the behaviour and support the child and families to address poor behaviour with proposed strategies. 



We aim to offer the broadest curriculum for your child with additional offers such as Forest School.  This is a challenge for all schools as we have to abide by the curriculum set nationally.   Our teachers work hard to ensure that the curriculum is engaging and challenging.  We appreciate that some parents would like further feedback regarding your child's learning and this is something that we review as a leadership team.  Parents are encouraged to discuss their child's learning with the class teacher or to make an appointment with any member of staff should they feel that they would like further information about progress.  We monitor reading to ensure that it is consistent across the school. 



We understand that parents would like to see a broader offer regarding clubs and work hard to provide an offer that meets the needs of the children.  We do ask the children about their wishes and their responses are predominantly sport orientated. 

A word from the Governors


We do appreciate the time taken to complete the survey.  As Governors we are keen to hear your views and will be discussing this very positive feedback with the staff and Leadership Team.

Ben Harrison Chair of Governors

School Questionnaire 2018-19

Thank you to all our parents who took the time to complete the questionnaire.  We have now analysed the responses and I have attached a link to the results.   We will look at all the responses in more detail and feedback to you at a later date of any changes that we will be making as a result of your feedback.  We value your input and will use the data to further develop our support to you and your children.


Thank you for your support

Helen Roberts

Head teacher



Otford Primary School, Parent Survey 2016


A huge thank you to all our parents who returned the Parent Questionnaires towards the end of term 2 (2016-2017) Thank you to those who attended the feedback meeting which was led by the School Governors earlier in January, for those who were unable to attend, the main themes have been collated below. We are immensely proud of the feedback which serves to highlight how happy both parents and children are here at Otford. There are a few development points which will be taken forward into the School Plan next year.

Many thanks to both the Governors and the Parents of the school.




  • The 2016 survey differed from previous exercises in an effort to bring it into line with additional themes that Ofsted consider important. Consequently, it is difficult to make precise comparisons with the parent views from before.


  • Some statistics:

  • 158 parents submitted survey returns (which is 57% of the parent body)

  • Approximately 3000 questions were answered and analysed

  • Of the 158 submissions, 80 (approximately 50%) also included additional written comments, which proved to be useful additional data

  • A significant, but not large, number of responses to questions were unanswered or ‘don’t know’ which also provided useful feedback


  • In general, the statements were worded so that agree/strongly agree indicated positive/supportive responses whereas disagree/strongly disagree indicated parental concerns.


Please open the following Parent Survey doc. for the complete findings.

Otford Primary School Parent Survey 2016

Our most recent Ofsted Report ( May 2018) documented parents views regarding the school.