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British Values and Diversity Display July 2017

In each of our classes, we have a display that celebrates our understanding of British Values; we have one in the school corridor too. Every day we celebrate and reflect on our British Values through our learning and play. As part of this reflection and learning process we would like to think about DIVERSITY – at home, in school and in our wider community.


During the summer holidays every pupil was given a 'postcard' to fill in.  We created a display in school, with each of these 'postcards' to celebrate the diversity of our families. Whilst many of us live in Otford and close by, we know that not all of us are originally from or born here. Via the postcards, we shared where we were born and where our parents and or grandparents were born.  On our world map we can now see how far around the world our families stretch and just how diverse we are!


Photograph of our display will be here very soon!