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Pupil Voice

What do you like most about school?


“Maths because I am really good at it and I like working to 100” Terrific Wombats (yr 1)

“What I like about school is when I learn new things to tell my parents” 3O

“That the teachers do loads of subjects so we can learn more” 3O

“All of the subjects and my friends” 4H

“Playing ukulele as you get to learn an instrument and you might not play one again” 4H

“Having friends and learning things that I haven’t learnt before” 5L

“Making new friends and doing my learning. I like learning new topics” 5L


What has been your favourite topic/learning journey? What did you learn from it and why did you enjoy it?

“My favourite topic was about materials because I’ve had the chance to learn interesting things that I didn’t know about.” Terrific Wombats (yr 1)
“Science because we do lots of experiments” Terrific Wombats (yr 1)

“Learning about Africa because I was learning about how to jump high.” Clownfish (yr 2)

“The Stone Age because I didn’t know about it” 3B

“Stone Age because I learnt there was an Iron Age and I enjoyed making the Iron Age fort.” 3B

“My favourite topic was rocks because I love fossils!” 3O

“Maths because I love sums” 3O

“I liked learning about Rainforests because I learnt how much the world is changing” 4H

“Egyptians as we got to make the River Nile and we got to learn lots of interesting facts and how they do mummification” 4H

“Romans, I learnt that they eat and they eat until they were sick” 5L

“WWII because we learnt interesting things about people at war such as the role of women, the blitz and rationing” 5L

“P.E. because you learn a lot of skills such as teamwork, new skills in sport and what sport you are good at” 6T


What outdoor learning do you enjoy at school and why?


“Science because I like seeing all the living things.” Clownfish

“P.E. because you get to do skipping and rugby” 3B

“Forest School because we get to make dens” 3B

“P.E. because we get better at sports and trying new things” 3O

“Forest School and P.E. because for Forest School I like learning about nature and for P.E. I love sports.” 4H

“P.E. as you get to do all kinds of different sports, also I love sports” 4H

“Tag Rugby because my family is rugby mad!” 5L

“I enjoy attending Forest School because you learn more skills such as climbing trees and fire-lighting” 5L

“Forest school, what to do in the wild, how to survive and teamwork” 6T


Who or what helps you with your learning?


“My friend because he makes me calm and he’s clever so he makes me confident” 3B

“My Mum and my teachers because they help me.” 4H

“Being partnered up with someone when I need support or my table help me” 5L

“My friends because if I am stuck a friend will often help me to understand” 5L


How do you know when you’ve been successful in your learning?


“I get a green mark and lots of ticks and my teacher gives me dojo points.” Terrific Wombats (yr1)

“Because the teacher gives you a tick” 3B

“Well done and a tick and a house point” 3B

“When I have a tick and a comment for my work” 4H

“We could get house points or a certificate in assembly or read it to the class” 4H

“My teacher marks my work and gives feedback in her marking. Sometimes I might get house points or dojo points” 5L

“I feel like I have met the learning objective and am able to tackle the challenges with confidence” 5L

“I get good feedback and my friends say it’s good” 6T


What do you enjoy about lunchtimes or playtimes?


“Going on the trimtrail” Starfish (Yr R)

“Jacket potatoes!” Starfish (Yr R)

“I can be around all of my friends and also I like the food” Terrific Wombats (yr1)

“I like playing with my friends” Clownfish (yr 2)

“Playing with my best friends” Clownfish (yr 2)

“I enjoy the yummy food they give to us” 3O

“That I can play with my friends” 4H

“Playing with my friends and not having problems” 4H

“To have fun with my friends at playtime” 5L

“We get to play with my friends and spend some time with them” 5L


Do you attend any clubs in school? If so what?


“Football and after Christmas I am doing keyboard club” 3B

“I do Art Club every Tuesday after school” 3O

“I go to football club” 3O

“Yes I do and when I go to football, art and tennis I learn different things every time I go” 4H

“I do girls football at lunchtime on Thursday” 4H

“I do Netball club” 5L

“Tennis on Monday morning” 5L


What lessons do you enjoy the most and why?


“Maths because I am good at at.” Terrific Wombats (yr 1)

“I like to learn Geography because it’s about different continents.” Clownfish

“Maths because we get to learn sums” 3B

“Maths because you get to learn new sums” 3B

“Maths because I like to solve questions” 3O

“Art as you get to do drawing. ICT because I like making powerpoints. English as I love writing stories” 4H

“P.E. because I get active” 5L

“Art because it’s very creative” 5L

“English because you get to write stories” 6T


Do you have any roles of responsibility in school? Eco monitor, school council, classroom monitor?


“I am Science Ambassador” 4H

“Art Ambassador. School Council. Eco Monitor” 4H

“I help my teacher at lunchtimes setting up for the afternoon” 5L


How do people show kindness, courage or curiosity in school?


“Hugs” Starfish (yr R)

“Smiles” Starfish (yr R)

“They help me by playing with me when I am upset” Terrific Wombats (yr 1)

“They say thank you and help me if I’m hurt.” Terrific Wombats (yr 1)

“People help when I can’t do things” Clownfish (yr 2)

“When I fall over they help me” 3B

“When someone is hurt they tell the teacher” 3O

“When someone lets someone in front of me in the line” 4H

“By holding the door open or helping people at Forest School” 4H

“By helping others and doing things they haven’t done before” 5L

“By not giving up and exploring and not being mean” 5L

“Smiles and playing with each other” 6T


What can you do if you feel unhappy in school?


“Talk to a teacher or someone on the playground.” Terrific Wombats (yr 1)

“I will tell my friends” Clownfish (yr 2)

“Ask a friend to play with you” Clownfish (yr 2)

“Go and ask a friend or teacher” 3B

“You can go to the teacher and sort the problem out” 4H

“You can go to games club or speak to someone such as a teacher about how you feel” 5L

“Tell a teacher or another adult or go to games club” 5L

“Talk to friends and talk to teachers” 6T