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Session 1: Intro

Session 1


 - theme of 3B's programme this term: Force of Nature (linked to their learning journey - May the Force be with You)
- the first session was in the Chalk Pit
- main themes: health and safety, awareness of natural environment, autumn leaves
- we spent a fair amount of time in the log circle discussing health and safety: the children identified possible risks and came up with lots of ideas about how to mitigate those risks and stay safe
- one aspect of this was boundaries and so we played '1, 2, 3, Where are you?' to practise staying in close contact with each other (the pic of children running across the field and Daniel shouting)
- we played Leaves in the Wind (circle game with Wendy in the middle)
- we explored the site (children enjoyed the slopes!)
- we did some Leaf Art - leaf kebabs and leaf wreaths
- lots of comments from the children about the amazing colours and patterns on the leaves
- some of the children used ID charts to identify leaves (e.g. ash)
- children v engaged with their creations - collaboration, problem-solving (e.g. knots), persevering etc!


We spotted lots of evidence of wildlife including a sighting of a fox (or possibly the troll that lives in the woods according to local legend) as well as some poo that provoked much debate about the possible culprit!


In addition, the weather took a severe turn for the worse and we were hit by torrential rain towards the end of the session.  Rather than dampening our spirits, it seemed to have the opposite effect and the children relished catching as much as they could in their mouths, walking through the woods accompanied by the roar of the rain on leaves and trying to create human dams!