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Term 4: Forest Explorers (new group)

Forest Explorers started again this term with a team of 13 children from Years 1, 2, 3 and 5.


The plan is to have about 8 sessions, continuing into next term, in which the children will have opportunities to develop a variety of skills and qualities (such as teamwork, problem-solving, planning, independence, resilience, adaptability) which will be transferable to other areas of their lives including their classwork. These opportunities will arise both through activities we do all together as a team (whether team games or nature experience activities) and through their own child-led projects.


In addition, the Year 5 children will act as mentors to the younger children, thereby developing their leadership skills.


Some of the team activities and individual projects will also count towards the RSPB Schools Wild Challenge.

Session 1: Team-building, bug-hunting and bug houses

Session 2: Natural treasures, natural art and own projects

Session 3: Close-up and projects

Session 4: Weather diary and own projects