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Session 2: Bugs!


On the walk up, we kept our eyes peeled for bugs and spotted ladybirds (actually a type of beetle), flies and a centipede. How can we tell if something is an insect?

At the Chalk Pit, someone spotted some tracks which we thought may belong to the troll - we followed them as far as we dared! Wiggly Worms then performed some informative (and very entertaining) mimes reminding us all of some of the ways we will keep ourselves safe at the Chalk Pit. How many can you remember Wiggly Worms?

Everyone then immersed themselves in some serious bug-hunting. Well done to all for handling the creatures so carefully. We used spoons, bug boxes with magnifying glasses and even a Perspex sheet to help us look at their undersides and used ID charts to try to identify them. Does anyone remember what kind of creature a woodlouse is? (Clue: not an insect!)

Inspired by what you had found, some of you then created your own bugs out of clay and natural materials.

Keep hunting!

Some bug video clips:

More bug activity ideas:!.aspx