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Session 4: Forces

Forces Egg-stravaganza!
This week, we were thinking about forces in nature, in particular magnetism and gravity.
We discussed the fact that the earth itself is a huge magnet and how this can help humans as well as other species (such as birds) find their way around. We then made our own compasses using only a paperclip, a leaf and some water. This was quite fiddly and the children collaborated well and enjoyed experimenting with the magnets too.
Then came the main challenge: design an egg-protector using mainly natural materials that will protect the egg from the egg-splosive effects of gravity!! This was far from straightforward and the children showed great perseverance, determination and adaptability when faced with the problems of this challenge. They came up with a variety of ingenious designs with varying degrees of success!
It was particularly pleasing to see how the children reacted positively to the ups and downs of this challenge - well done all!