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Term 6: Bug Hotel

This term, the plan was to create a big bug hotel out of recycled and natural materials (pallets, bricks, sticks, leaves etc). We explored the kinds of habitats that different bugs like and the children then had a go at designing their own bug hotels; the idea was then to combine all these ideas into one collaborative project, helping the Forest Explorers to develop a variety of skills and qualities (including planning, prioritising, evaluation, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, perseverance, risk-management, independence etc.). The children did fantastically well, working hard to achieve their goal and overcoming many difficulties along the way, and we were very proud of the end product which will help support biodiversity in and around the pond area.

Session 1: researching, planning, designing and making a start

Session 2: elder woodwork, hammering, collecting

Session 3: progress (including cement work)

Session 4: more progress

Session 5: Review, finishing off, games and celebration