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We hope you will enjoy looking around our school website and it enables you to get a feel for the school.  We thought you would enjoy reading comments from parents, visitors and guests to our school too:



Myself and a colleague visited Otford primary this morning as part of the selection process for admissions to our school.  I just want to say how impressed we were with both the teaching and learning that we saw and also how polite the children were.

The best thing was the independent learning especially from the student, who we had specifically gone to observe.

Best wishes, Director of Learning

My husband and I came to visit the school this morning and it was just wonderful.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Roberts and all the staff and children who took the time to talk to us and let us see their school. It was a fantastic visit and Otford Primary really is a very special school; the children were so happy and engaged and the staff likewise.
So thank you all once again.

I wanted to write to you to congratulate you on an amazing early years teaching team. 
Mrs Warren - her, passion, enthusiasm and manner with the children continues to amaze and delight me.
I would also like to praise Mrs Sage and Mrs Barnes for their contribution thus far. As a team they have clearly put so much thought into how best to educate the children with so many interesting toys and exciting props to engage the children.
It's been such a fantastic and seamless start to the term. I honestly can't have hoped for a better team for our son's first year at school. 

Parent YR


Dear Mrs Roberts,

I just wanted to send an email to express my gratitude to you, and the Early Years team, for everything you have done and are continuing to do with the reception children. Our daughter has made such a positive start at school, she is so happy, settled and excited to go to school every day. It is remarkable that she has made such a happy start - only a few months ago, she was still tearful and anxious when I left her at nursery.

I'm thankful for everything they are doing to make her school experience so positive.

With lots of gratitude.

Parent Year R



I just wanted to say thank you for giving our son the opportunity to go to Sevenoaks School and take part in the science course this summer. I have to admit at first he wasn't keen on going during his holidays but once there he really enjoyed it and came out telling me about all the experiments and investigations he had done! 


Just a quick email to say how delighted we were with all three school reports this year. Our children are obviously motivated and put in a lot of effort to their work. They are always keen to share what they have been up to whether through open classroom or at home. This is credit to your wonderful team who nurture our children and encourage creativity and enthusiasm. What more could a parent ask for as their child moves forward to the next chapter of their life.



I must say how incredibly happy our daughter is at Otford Primary School. She is always writing stories and drawing pictures about the school and they always say how happy she is and how much she loves learning there. I really couldn't have wished for more for her. Very proud of the school, the people and children there and what they are achieving.



Dear Mrs Roberts,
I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you but it really touched me and I wanted to say just how much my daughter has got from being taught about Malawi.
I was explaining to my daughter that I had to take the paddling pool down as sadly bees were flying into the water and I had only been able to save some of them. She said "mummy it's ok , it's like the Starfish Malawi song where the boy tried his best and even though he didn't save them all, he was good and saved those he could."
Wow! That is an amazing lesson for my daughter to learn and to share with me. I think what they have learnt this term will stay with them for a very long time.
Parent Year 2


Chipmunks class assembly
On behalf of myself, and a number of parents, we wanted to thankyou for a wonderful class assembly this morning!  The children really seemed to have engaged with the topic. Our daughter has not stopped coming home from school talking about the exciting things they have learnt about Malawi or the activities they have done, and this certainly came through this morning.It was such a joy to watch every single child have a chance to speak and enjoy themselves and to show off all their wonderful craft. A very big well done and thank you!
Parent Year 2


We commend you and your team for maintaining such high standards at Otford Primary. We are blessed to have our daughter attend such a good school and delighted that our son will be attending Reception from September.

Parent Y2&R


"Thank you from us as parents for your hard work which you obviously apply with a lot of passion, and congratulations on your success with the school." Parent 


"I just wanted to say thank you for a most enjoyable Sports Day yesterday. I am grateful for the commitment given by your team to ensure ultimately the children had an enjoyable time with the more sporty excelling in their own areas whilst all the children benefiting from being a member of the  team." Parent Y6  


"Children enjoy a good start to their education in the reception classes  so they quickly become settled and confident learners." Ofsted