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Music at Otford

Music at Otford


We believe Music enables children to flourish and is strongly supported at Otford. Here at the school, children enjoy performing whenever they can whether that is at a concert, singing, performing in a play or an informal session within the classroom. During your child's time at Otford they will take part in musical activities as this subject is part of the National Curriculum and the Early Years Curriculum. ( Reception)


The Government supports music making and instrumental tuition in young people and provides funds to help schools provide whole class instrumental lessons. We are delighted to currently offer this to Year 4 for the ukulele. We are shortly offering children the opportunity to learn the Keyboard thanks to funding from the PTFA for 10 Keyboards. 


In addition to curriculum music we offer a range of instrumental tuition that is extra-curricular via individual and small group lessons (peripatetic teaching) and various clubs.


We currently offer music lessons in the following instruments which is funded by parents (2016/2017):




Contact details


Mr Otto

Via school office

Violin and Cello

Mrs Brooker


Mrs Brooker

As above


Mr Dwinell

Clarinet and Saxophone

Mr Dwinell

As above

Brass (trumpet, cornet, horn)

Mr Dwinell

As above


Mr Felstead

Ukulele Mrs Brown Group lessons in class


Children generally start music lessons in Year 3 although some teachers will sometimes start children on certain instruments, especially recorder, in Year 2 and it is advisable to wait until Year 4 for drum lessons.


Music clubs are offered at certain times of the school year for the following:



We have regular performances throughout the year with instrumental assemblies. We also take part in events out of school such as the Young Voices event at the O2 Arena, concerts at the Fairfield Hall and Partnership events at Sevenoaks School.


Do find an instrument and get playing! We will indeed foster and support your child should they wish to pursue this option.