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Science Fair: Sevenoaks School March 2018

March 2018


This week our budding scientists in Year 1 and Year 3  visited Sevenoaks School to watch some exciting science shows. Year 1 watched Izzy's Incredible Adventure where they met Izzy and explored different kinds of transport. Highlights were when a live hot air balloon inflated in front of the audience's eyes as well as an experiment into what shapes make a boat float the best. They also explored Izzy's explosive rocket. The children thoroughly enjoyed investigating the way we travel, explaining the science behind the transport. The children also managed to catch a glimpse of the famous, Titan the robot!

Year 3 watched the Science of Fireworks.  This is a popular school show in which gunpowder, fuses, bench demos, flames and stage pyrotechnics come together to illustrate a whole range of scientific ideas: Combustion, sound waves, forces, energy transfers, shock-waves, electron transitions, circuit theory, oxidation and rates of reaction​. According to Mrs Balcombe, the  children loved all the loud bangs, bright lights and explosions!


"A big thank you [to Sevenoaks School] for organising our Science firework workshops today. It was really interesting and enjoyable with loud bangs, bright lights and explosions! The kids loved it so thank you again.​"

Mrs Balcombe