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Where in the World - British Values and Diversity

In each of our classes, we have a display that celebrates our understanding of British Values; we have one in the school corridor too. Every day we celebrate and reflect on our British Values through our learning and play. As part of this reflection and learning process we would like to think about DIVERSITY – at home, in school and in our wider community.

Please find attached a A5 template (this can be downloaded from our school website too via: ourschool/britishvalues/diversity for you to fill in). We are going to create a display in school celebrating the diversity of our families. Whilst many of us live in Otford and close by, we know that not all of us are originally from or born here. Can you share with us where you were born and where your parents and or grandparents were born? We would like to see how far around the world our families stretch and just how diverse we are!

Please fill in the postcard and let us know where you are from, your parents and your grandparents. If you are from Otford/Sevenoaks/Kent that is great (that will probably be most of us) but let’s discover where else we are from. Mrs Howe will then put us all on the map!

Please either print out a picture of you and your family and put it in the box on the right, or draw a picture of you. Then tell us a little bit about where your family is from in the lined section. Don’t forget to write your name too!

Closing date for taking part: 14th July.