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Welcome Back and Bug Club Phonics

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to seeing children return to school for the new year this morning! We are raring to go, and we will start the school year with old restrictions, around social distancing and bubbles lifted. That said, we have a Covid Outbreak Management Plan ready for the event of an outbreak at school or locally. In such circumstances, a number of restrictions would be re-imposed.  I hope it does not come to that and appreciate your support as we move into what we hope will be a positive year for all. Please rest assured we will still be undertaking health measures to mitigate risk by:
  • encouraging regular handwashing
  • ensuring rooms are well ventilated 
  • limiting the number of children on the playground during play and lunchtimes
  • operating a staggered start /end of the day
  • enhanced cleaning of the school on a daily basis
A number of parents have contacted me directly regarding Bug Club, below is an update from Mrs Womersley which I hope is helpful:
We wanted to send out some updated information re the teaching of phonics across the school. We are refreshing all our resources and will be using a system called Bug Club Phonics in Key Stage One and for some Year 3 children. Bug Club Phonics is fun, interactive and colourful, the children will really enjoy it. It also allows us to send home e-books to children, so that reading books can be accessed online, as well as the interactive activities that go with them. This will not replace hard copy books but will be in addition to. 
Due to the school internet going down before the summer, not all the children have received a login. Teachers are working hard to get these logins sorted and they will be sent out to you on Friday 17th September. From then children will also receive e-books once a week,  in addition to their hard copy reading book sent home twice a week (on a Monday and Thursday).
For children who would benefit from phonics support in Key Stage 2 we will be using a system called Rapid Phonics. This ensures that children are reading material which aligns directly with the sounds they need to work on but the range of reading materials are more mature than those of their Key Stage 1 counterparts. Children won't need to repeat titles they read in Key Stage 1. If the teacher thinks your child would benefit from a login to any of the eBooks they will send you out a login on Friday 17th September and your child will receive an eBooks assigned to them once a week.
Please do ask your class teacher if you have any questions or queries.
Mrs Womersley
With best wishes to you all this week.
Best wishes
​Helen Roberts ( Headteacher)