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Traffic Management Survey - 20s Plenty for Otford Campaign

Dear Parents and Carers,

Mrs Roberts has recently met with Councillor Irene Roy of the Otford Parish Council to discuss traffic management plans for Otford and in particular the High Street.  The Parish Council are conducting a traffic management study, making the roads safer in and around the primary school is a top priority. 


There are a number of other traffic related issues which have been brought to our attention, such as the parking on Station Road, affecting school pickups and drop offs. Please help to put a stop to the congestion caused by commuter parking.

Please may we draw your attention to two petitions, one for Restrictions to Parking on Station Road and the other for the 20s Plenty for Otford Campaign.  You can sign the petitions manually on the front desk at the office or you can sign the online petition at:- .  


The Parish Council need evidence of congestion on Station Road to present to the District Council.  This cannot be anecdotal, they need dates and times.  Any road traffic accidents and pedestrian safety issues can be reported to the Parish clerk at

Kind Regards.


The Office