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Meet the teacher timings:

Meet the teacher Sessions
You are warmly invited to attend the following Meet the Teacher sessions this month:-
Year Group Date Time Venue
Monday 25th September 9am Hedgehogs classroom
(main school)
Year 1
Friday 22nd September 9am Vervet Monkeys classroom
(main school)
Year 2
Monday 18th September 9am Penguins classroom
(main school)
Year 3
Tuesday 19th September  9am 3B classroom  
(new build)
Year 4
Wednesday 27th September 9am 4CW classroom  
(front Victorian build)
Year 5
Thursday 21st September 9am 5H classroom  
(new build)
Year 6 Wednesday 20th September 9am 6L classroom  
(year 6 build)