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Coronavirus Update from Mrs Roberts

Dear Parents/Carers

The government is updating advice daily and I am writing in regards to the schools response to these updates.

It is clear that the number of cases of the virus are spreading rapidly. Because of this rapid spread and on consideration of government advice I am asking you to help us keep the school safe by doing the following:


  • Isolate for 14 days at home any child/student who has been ANYWHERE in Italy in the last 24 days and has shown symptoms of the virus.
  • Ensure that your child comes to school having washed their hands and if possible with a supply of tissues.  We have increased the opportunity for children to wash their hands and have today and yesterday lead assemblies to all the children about thorough hand washing and using tissues should a child sneeze.
  • Inform the school should you be planning to take a holiday during the Easter break, as this may lead to self-isolation on your return to the UK.

Unfortunately we have been unable, despite an early order, to obtain any hand sanitiser for the school.  We have increased  the soap and hand towels available to all the children, to ensure that they have the resources they need.

Once again, should you wish for your child to bring in their own hand gel sanitiser, this is acceptable, should they be able to apply this independently and it is clearly labelled with their name and class.  No other non-prescribed medicines such as lip balm/cough sweets should be brought into school.

Please be aware that although transmission is unlikely at this stage and most young people are not at high risk, we do have students, staff and extended family members who are vulnerable and are at high risk if they come into contact with the virus. 

We will continue to follow government advice and update you as necessary.


Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards

Mrs H Roberts