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Year 5 have been taken back in time to Greece acting in “role.”
Many children dressed up for this and all the children were fully engaged and learnt some top tips from the visiting man from Greece!
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Year 5 – Greece is the Word
On Friday 9th September, Year 5 were visited at school by The History Man, David Cadle, who works for a company that aims to bring history topics to life for children. The aim of the day was to enthuse the children about their new “Learning Journey” for this Autumn term, Greece is the Word. Some lovely quotes from the children in 5H and 5L below. Photos taken on the day attached at the bottom of the newsletter.
“I thought all the Ancient Greek games were amazing. I was surprised that we still play some of the games that the Ancient Greek children played all those years ago today!” (Millie F, 5L)
“Examining all the Ancient Greek artefacts such as the ornate shields and the bronze swords was exciting and helped me to imagine what it would have been like to have been a Greek soldier.” (Ben J, 5L)
“I enjoyed playing the Ancient Greek games such as snakes and ladders and the spinning top. I also loved trying on the warrior helmet. It was so heavy to wear!” (Ollie N, 5H)
“I loved learning about all the things the Greeks started that we still use today such as judges and jury service, games and having twelve months in a year. They even used to offer gifts to Poseidon by paddling in the sea and that is why we still swim in the sea on our Summer holidays! It all came from the Ancient Greeks! Amazing! 
(Hannah G, 5H)