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Our Creative Curriculum captures the enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge of all our children. We recognise here at Otford that many of our children experience a high level of support from families through enriched activities outside of school. Our vision is to ensure that all this is built upon so that all the children are inspired to learn more!


We have developed our curriculum, here at Otford, to incorporate specialist teachers in the areas of Forest School, Music, Sports and Art.  Children are encouraged to develop skills such as resilience and resourcefulness to enable them to become a lifelong learner!  We aim to ensure that the children are very firmly in charge of their own learning and can reflect on prior learning to make the next step with a level of independence. We aim to offer all children something which sparks creativity and a deep interest outside of the more traditional academic subject areas, whilst still ensuring all children are able to also exceed within these subject areas. 


 Every term a class embarks upon a Learning Journey which has been planned with the Otford Curriculum Intent at the very heart ( please see below). This is to ensure that the curriculum is moulded to enrich the learning experiences of our children at Otford.  Within these Learning Journeys meaningful and purposeful cross curricular links are made to further develop core subject skills.  Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, working in partnership with teachers and each other, to promote positive experiences which challenge and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.  Our aim is for all children to challenge and reason  their learning  and consider how this may impact on them today and in their futures!


Some examples of our Learning Journey titles so far this year: To Infinity and Beyond, Greece is the Word, Your Country Needs You, Step into the Night, Seafarers and Warriors….


Throughout the school we teach Phonics based on "Letters and Sounds", we use a wide range of resources to support the teaching Phonics across the school. 


Please do take a look at our 'Class Pages' and the school newsletters to see this learning in action!


Otford Primary Curriculum Map 2019-2020

 Otford Primary Curriculum Map 2019-2020 1

Curriculum Intent Otford Primary 2019-2020

Curriculum Intent Otford Primary 2019-2020 1