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Your PTFA needs you!

Welcome to the PTFA

(Parents, Teachers and Friends Association)

Your PTFA needs YOU!


Do you want to have a say in some of the school initiatives? Do you want to directly influence where the raised money is spent that benefits our children? Can you spare (something like) the equivalent of 15 minutes a week? then we'd love to hear from you....


We have recently recruited 2 new members but we still have one vacant role as a committee member and we would love for you to join us!


What is in it for you?

There is lots of fun organising various events from school discos, to film nights, Mother's Day presents to comedy nights.

  • You get to see the children (backstage) being involved and enjoying the events that we put on.

  • You get to know more of the children and the teachers better and to see how the school runs, in more depth.

  • You get to suggest initiatives and improvements and have a say where the money is spent.

  • You make a greater network of friends.

  • Whilst knowing that you've made a personal contribution to our children’s overall enjoyment of events at school. It’s very rewarding!


Whats involved?

  • There are occasional evening meetings (to plan events and approve expenditure, that usually involves some wine). Plus there are quick, informal, daytime catch-ups for when making an evening meeting is not possible. The meetings can fit around you. Of course the more people we have involved the better it is.


  • In terms of time spent, (it can be hard to quantify) but it’s around the equivalent of 15 minutes a week. Often there is no activity at all and then there is a concentrated burst in preparation for an event with everyone doing what they can. The point is that you give the time you can afford and if more people can do a little, then tasks are more shared.


This is also a great time to be involved with the PTFA as having a new head teacher brings fresh energy and enthusiasm for new ideas, so it’s a great time to come and make a difference.


Who are we?

We are a friendly group of parents, spanning across the school years. We are supportive of each other and of course our children and the school.


We really need a great response so please don't think ‘it’s too much’ or ‘that’s for others to do’, we really would love for YOU to become involved as everyone has something to offer.


You can respond back to us at or grab one of us in the playground if you would like to know more. Our photos will be going up on the website soon but until then we are: Rachel Macgadie, Chair (Donnie Yr 3), Clare Bjorklund, (Phoebe Yr 3, and Scarlett and Jasmine Yr 1), Kathryn Nichol ( Poppy Yr 2), Liz Gibson (Oliver Yr 2 & Emily Yr R), Sarah Bourne (Maya Yr 3) and Sharon Anderson - Pace, (Scarlett Yr 4 and Elise Yr 1).


We can’t wait to hear from you!