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KS2 Playground plans

November 14th, 2017


Hi everyone


With apologies for the slight delay, here are the minutes of the points discussed last Thursday. In attendance were Helen Roberts, Jen Donelan, Sharon Anderson and myself.


1. The moss writing as it stands is to be taken down by Phil Otto as soon as he can. We initially discussed painting the wall behind with a similar green colour to improve the appearance and at a relatively low cost but on closer inspection Phil believes it can be improved by a good clean instead as it has a plastic type coating and it is only really dirt. Phil will do this. Due to the material the wall is made from it is not advisable to paint it with a mural or similar and so we discussed alternatives that would involve screwing on to the wall. We will look into signs as an alternative that could include pictures/the school motto and we agreed it would be nice to involve the School Council/children in this. A multicultural theme would also be a good direction. Angela will research further in the run up to Christmas.


2. The new KS1 mural is already looking a bit tired with some paint having chipped off. Helen has discussed with Sarra Bird and Phil Otto - Sarra  is going to touch up the paint work and Phil will then seal the wall (I believe this may have already happened now?). Sarra is very busy and so she won’t be getting involved in anything else for now.


3. The carved chair, benches and stools are taking longer than originally planned due to an issue with the huge piece of wood required for the main chair. Helen spoke to the carver chap, he will know by Christmas whether he has the wood secured for the large chair. He has the wood for the benches and stools and these are in progress and should be finished by Christmas. The large chair will therefore take longer to finalise.


4. The musical instrument corner is now ready for use. It will be unveiled to the children in this Friday’s assembly with a demo from Louise Brown. The children can then use it from next week! It was agreed that the KS2 playground is still looking a bit drab though. The corner huts have both now gone (they were rotten) so we discussed ideas for the empty corner. We liked the idea of an archway/pergola, possibly with flowers/small flower trough and maybe seating at the end, like a ‘secret corner’! Helen also likes the idea of painting footsteps along the ‘car park’ side of the playground from the front school building to the path near the office (it could split to show way to reception/nursery and office/KS1). The cars are a concern, especially with younger siblings on the playground, and this will encourage them to keep some distance from the cars and also add another fun/colour element. We also discussed possibly brightening up the fence area along the entrance to the school (where the old historical paintings used to be) and along the large green wire fence framing the far side of the KS2 playground. Again to consider possible signs that can be screwed on/flowers or succulents that can hung up but that don’t require maintenance as Phil won’t have time to water them.


5. We liked the idea of getting the kick board on the field painted if possible as shouldn’t be expensive and the funds are there. Helen mentioned a design she had seen that involved a girl playing football which would tie in nicely with aims to get more girls into sport - Helen can you remember where you saw this? Do you have direct contact with the mural artist or would this need to go through Sarra?


Sharon expressed that she won’t be getting involved in the project going forward - thanks for your input so far!


I hope I have captured everything discussed but Helen/Jen/Sharon please correct me if I’ve missed anything.


Thanks everyone




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