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Calendar Dates: Governors

Otford Primary School Governors' Committee Dates 2016-2017
Autumn Term Start End
Learning Tuesday 27/09/2016 7pm 9pm
Strategy Wednesday 14/09/2016 7pm 9pmClerking arrangements to be agreed
Finance Wednesday 05/10/2016 7pm 9pm
Finance Wednesday 16/11/2016 7pm 9pm
Learning Tuesday 22/11/2016 7pm 9pm
Full Governing BodyWednesday 07/12/2016 7pm 9pm
Spring Term
Strategy Wednesday 11/01/2017 7pm 9pm
Finance Wednesday 18/01/2017 7pm 9pm
Learning Tuesday 21/02/2017 7pm 9pm
Finance Wednesday 08/03/2017 7pm 9pm
Full Governing BodyWednesday 12/04/2017 7pm 9pm
Summer Term
Strategy Wednesday 03/05/2017 7pm 9pm
Finance Wednesday 10/05/2017 7pm 8:45pm
Full Governing BodyWednesday 10/05/2017 8:45pm 9pm(For budget approval)
Learning Tuesday 23/05/2017 7pm 9pm
Finance Wednesday 05/07/2017 7pm 9pm
Full Governing BodyWednesday 12/07/2017 7pm 9pm
Autumn Term
Learning Tuesday 26/09/2017 7pm 9pm
Strategy Wednesday 13/09/2017 7pm 9pm
Finance Wednesday 04/10/2017 7pm 9pm
Finance Wednesday 15/11/2017 7pm 9pm
Learning Tuesday 21/11/2017 7pm 9pm
Full Governing BodyTuesday 05/12/2017 7pm 9pm