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Active Primary Sports Clubs (Otford)



Breakfast Club Key Stage 1&2-

 Mornings 8-845

Active Primary Sport offer a breakfast club which is a great start to your child’s day, where they participate and enjoy a wide verity of sports in a safe relaxed environment. The sports/ activities are unique as both key stage 1& 2 play alongside each other creating new bonds and friendships away from their current classroom.

Examples of sports are: Football, Gymnastics, Bench ball, Hockey, Dodgeball, Archery, amongst many more.

Cost £33 10th January- 28th March- 11 Weeks


Multi Skill Key Stage –

Every Tuesday Active Primary offer a multi-skills sports based after school club for all key stage 1 students. During this time they will participate in a variety of different sports which look to develop fundamentals skills. All activities are based around fun games so your child will get maximum enjoyment, along with progressing their knowledge and sporting skills.

Cost £38.50 10th January- 28th March- 11 Weeks 


Wednesday 3.30-4.30

PDFA Football Academy Key Stage 1&2-

Player Development Football Academy runs every Wednesday with two groups Key Stage 1& 2. Within the structure of the session we aim to develop the players, technically and tactically along with allowing them to be competitive and put these skills into practice through games. A fun, exciting, challenging club is what we strive for with all children enjoying all different aspects of football.

Cost £38.50 11th January- 29th March- 11 Weeks


Thursday 3.30-4.30

Multi-Sport Key Stage 2-

Active Primary Sports offer a multi sports after school club on a Thursday. This is a fantastic way for any child to get involved and get active! Children are invited to join in the fun and will get the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports, which is perfect for anyone with a keen interest in any sport or all sports, this includes sports and activities such as; Rugby, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, handball to name a few and more.

Cost - £38.50 – 12th January 2017 – 30th March 2017 – 11 weeks.